Warren Farm Pirate Boy Character Costume

Pirate Boy is a much-loved children’s entertainer at the Warren Farm Holiday Centre in Somerset. He hosts games and parties for young pirates in the Pirates Cove at The Beachcomber Clubhouse. Pirate Boy is a human costume character and has a large ABS head with pinky cheeks, big blue eyes and a button nose. A pirate patch covers his left eye and he wears a large black pirate hat with a skull appliquéd on the front and red piping round the brim.

PLEASE NOTE: This specific costume is not for sale or hire. It is subject to copyright and is here for your inspiration only.


Pirate boy had dark orange fleece hair and he wears a red and white striped jersey top, blue trousers and a black waistcoat with the logo patched on to the left side pocket. He has black vinyl shoes and has a silver hook for his right hand.