Almost human character costumes

Almost human character costumes can be superheroes, cartoon characters, cute kids, scientists, pirates or princesses. Character heads make your (human) wearers look cartoon-like, stylised, graphic or striking, whatever their design. Facial features are important; the bigger or better positioned the eye, nose or mouth is, the better placed they will be for your wearer’s vision!

Padded underbodies can help create the shape of your almost human (such as superhero muscles for example) and are worn underneath the character suit. They have outfits that can be updated throughout the year, branded with your logo to match your events and the seasons.

We can work from your design to create your almost-human character, to help build your brand and promote your business and activities.

Almost human character costumes appeal to audiences of all ages, work well as a pairing, as a team or as part of a gang!

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