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Loafie: Seriously Low Carb

CWC recently produced a larger-than-life loaf for Seriously Low Carb. “Loafie” ran the 2021 London Marathon to raise funds for Diabetes UK.
Loafie completed the course in 5 hours 32 minutes.

Using our in-house design team and dye sublimation printing we recreated the look and texture of the Low Carb Loaf, complete with branding and a removable Diabetes UK sweatband. The lightweight structure is durable and perfect to keep Loafie running for years to come.

Who are Seriously Low Carb? Part of the Keeto Life family, Seriously Low Carb specialise in producing low carb products and helping endurance athletes, type 2 diabetics, ketonians and others seeking a lower carb diet to support their eating lifestyle.

We caught up with Low Carb legend Andy Welch, founder of Seriously Low Carb and the marathon runner to talk about all things Loafie.

CWC: Hi Andy, it was fantastic to work with you recently and bring your product to life. What gave you the idea to run the marathon as a giant loaf?

Andy: We had so much fun working with you. When we committed to raise funds for Diabetes UK at the London Marathon I had a crazy idea in mind… I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to be at first, it just had to be massively impactful, totally out of the ordinary and the outcome had to be maximum fun.

CWC: You were raising funds for Diabetes UK, how does your loaf help to support the lifestyle of people with diabetes?

Andy: Our diabetic family is a huge part of our customer base. Managing carbohydrate is critically important if you are either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic, but until recently great tasting seriously low carb food just wasn’t available. We didn’t realise what a game-changer our bread would be when we launched in 2020, and now the loaves we have sold would reach into space and back. We’ve been blessed by the support from our Low Carb Legends (customers) and of course we’re very lucky to be able to support Diabetes UK in such a way.

CWC: We hope Loafie encouraged lots of donations. How did you find running in Loafie, did he attract a lot of attention and help to raise awareness of your brand?

Andy: I couldn’t recommend it enough. An hour of runners asking for selfies before the race. Five hours and 32 minutes of people calling out ‘Loafie’ & ‘Low Carb Legend’ every few seconds for the entire marathon and the finish line was euphoric, the applause I got from the support team was something else. Then afterwards…so many people coming up and saying they’d spotted me again and again and congratulating me. I couldn’t have asked for much more brand awareness, we even got on the BBC list of best costumes!

CWC: Do you think Loafie will be appearing at more events in the future?

Andy: Absolutely. We’re at the Food Entrepreneur Awards with Loafie next month. This time Loafie will be hosted by an awesome actor busting some dance moves to make us all giggle. I hope Loafie will make another Marathon appearance again sometime in 2022.

CWC: How did you find working with us?

Andy: The brief you took was absolutely on point. Your attention to detail was amazing, from the print quality to the branded wavy hair. I wore ‘Loafie’ for nearly 7 hours. The frame was very light and I didn’t have a single friction mark, that’s a top quality harness. You also manged us really well. We had crazy timelines, changed our mind at least three times and we still got Loafie delivered on time. You’re a seriously awesome team and because of you ‘Loafie’ is famous. Thank you!

“… thanks so much for creating our fab loafie costume, it’s brilliant! The print quality of the loaf is excellent, it looks just like our bread. Please pass on our thanks to your designers & production team.”

Rachel McDowell, Head of Marketing @ Keeto life

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