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The role of mascots in the post-lockdown world

The way we interact with one another during day-to-day life has adapted to stop the spread of Covid-19 and keep ourselves and each other safe.

As attractions and venues across the world have re-opened and adapted to the “new normal”, interactions between employees, customers and audiences have changed.

Whether you are a charity, sports team, theme park, holiday park, play centre or school, it’s likely that each time you use your mascot character, you will come into contact with a number of people. What is the role of custom-made brand mascots in the “new normal” and how can you adapt to keep your staff and audiences safe?

The UK staycation has been massive this summer. A key part of any family trip to a holiday park is the entertainment. We have spoken to several of our customers in the tourism industry to ask how they have been ensuring their characters are keeping their distance while also working hard


Outdoor stages

Some venues have outdoor spaces, where it is easier to ensure audiences are able to observe social distancing.

Distancing on stage

Markers have been placed on to stages to help performers to ensure they are distanced.

Meet and Greet

Meet and greet events are a little different, with characters no longer able to give a big, furry hug. Some companies have put floor plans in place, with an enclosed area for their character to perform, pose and interact with the audience with a photography point nearby. (Ask us about our custom printed backdrops) Queueing systems have been put in place in some venues to ensure everyone’s safety.

Social media and digital performances

Characters are using social media platforms to stay at the forefront of their audiences’ minds. There are so many different platforms available to boost your character’s presence online and keep your audience engaged even when they aren’t on site. Many parks have incorporated animated scenes into their character shows using LED screens behind the stage to add another dimension to their entertainment packages.


Puppets are a great option, as they only need one operator. All CWC puppets are supplied with a washable glove. Each operator can have their own glove to limit any risks.

CWC recommended steps to take to keep your performers safe:

1 At present, we recommend that each character costume is limited to one specific performer where possible.
We also recommend (as usual) that performers have a minder with them at all times.

2 Items such as Coolmax Suits can be worn underneath the costume.
We recommend that each performer has their own Coolmax suit. These not only increase comfort during performances (they are moisture wicking and draw perspiration away from their bodies) but they are washable and quick to dry, meaning your performer has a clean suit for each and every performance. We’ve developed a “covid Coolmax” suit, which includes a balaclava for additional protection. Ask us for more details.

3 It is important that you properly clean and sanitise your mascot costume.
Proper cleaning will ensure your wearer’s safety, your costume’s longevity and a return on your investment. Many of our costumes last in excess of 8 years if they are correctly maintained.

4 Every costume we produce has a set of “Wear and Care” instructionsto help you to keep them clean, hygienic and looking amazing.
We hold copies of all of these, so please get in touch if you would like a set.

5 We offer a refurb service. Our team will professionally clean your character and carry out any repairs or produce replacement parts as necessary before sending your character back to you in tip-top shape. We have put additional precautions in place, keeping both the safety of our staff and customers in mind.