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A mascot doesn’t have to cost the earth!

The UK is beginning to re-open its doors and companies are understandably budget-conscious at the moment. We want to ensure quality mascots are accessible to suit a wide range of budgets. Now, more than ever, it is so important to ensure your costume is working hard for you to promote your brand.


At CWC we produce mascots for world-famous brands, but we use the skills of the same team to make a budget-conscious mascots too. Just because it’s a budget-conscious character doesn’t mean it needs to look like one, or feel like one when you are wearing it.


Here are six ways to really get the most out of your budget:


Simplified design

In addition to our fully bespoke service, we also offer flexible solutions to work with a range of budgets. A design can be simplified to use existing CWC body shapes and reduce the number of patterns our team need to draw up, enabling us to accommodate a lower budget whilst still providing the highest quality character costume. Send your design and budget to for a quote.

Multiple outfits

Many of our customers want their characters to wear a range of different outfits so they can promote events all year round. Owing to the unique way our costumes are constructed, we make this possible in a very budget-friendly way!
Our bespoke printing service means that we can easily and cost effectively produce branded or themed outfits for your costume to help them to switch up their look. There’s no need to send your character in to us, we can simply produce your new t-shirt to match your character’s specifications and send it out to you. Our turnaround time for new outfit components is extremely short.

Two heads are better than one

Another option to keep your characters working hard all year round within a restricted budget is to buy two character heads to work with one body. This gives you the flexibility and variety to use your costume for a variety of themed events. For example, you could have a bunny that can also be a reindeer with a switch of the head, suitable for both Easter and Christmas events.

Before and after a refurbishment Hippo with tutu for Miwex, Brown Rabbit for Alibi

Accessories complete the look

Accessories can completely change the look of your characters. The addition of a bow, sash, hat, bunny ears, vampire cloak or a Santa hat can quickly help your character to fit in with your promotion.

Team up!

We’re all in this together, so why not go halves on your character? A bear with a couple of branded t-shirts could promote two separate businesses while spreading the cost.


Our refurb team are amazing and can revitalise a tired-looking character costume. They will fully clean and sanitise your costume, assess it for damage and repair it where possible, or provide a quote for replacement items. If correctly maintained, our character will look great for years. We still receive characters in for their yearly spa break that were produced when we were called Situation Clothing back in 2001. Check out our company page on LinkedIn to see a timeline of CWC.