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How a mascot can boost your revenue

Marketing really is more fun with mascots and enables you to stand out. Your target market will love the opportunity to meet and directly engage with the fun and friendly representative of your business…

A bespoke mascot costume opens up a whole range of marketing and merchandising opportunities.

Public appearances

It’s hard to ignore or walk past a large, friendly character who invokes a smile. Passers-by are more likely to engage with you and your staff when a character is present.
Costumes are a fantastic tool to encourage charitable donations. Charities we work with have informed us that donations increase threefold when the character is present.
A branded character can reinforce visual recognition of your company colours and branding, and a larger than life, fun interaction with your mascot will leave your target market with a lasting, positive impression of your business.

Left to right: Bob The Dog for Durham PNN, Buddy & Mini for Greenbank Holidays, Løven Lukas for Scenic Projects (toy & character)

Online / Social media

Featuring your costume online provides the opportunity to create some really fun, original content and increase interaction with your social media pages. This in turn increases awareness of your brand/message and enables you to reach a wider audience quickly.


People want to have tangible merchandise of the brands that they love. Who can resist a plush toy of their favourite character, that can be taken home and cuddled, or displayed in your car or office, bringing their personality and brand right into your customer’s world? They are loveable by their very nature, which is why a replica cuddly toy works so well.
Custom-branded, inexpensive items such as plush toys, key-rings, magnets, stationery and clothing provide excellent opportunities to increase your revenue and further strengthen your target customers’ brand loyalty.
A take-home item keeps your company’s branding in front of your customers’ eyes, meaning that you are always at the forefront of their mind. Furthermore, clothing or accessories that can be worn will provide free advertising for you in public, increasing recognition of your brand.
Branded merchandise can quickly become a collectible and desirable item, especially when there is a full “set” of items to collect.
Merchandise can be sold in a range of locations, including online, boosting your company’s profit.
Alternatively, if you already have a range of merchandise and need a costume to go with it, we can help!