Lego Knight Character Costume

The Knight has a peaked helmet and wears full silver body armour, which includes chain mail on his upper legs, and a gold lion crest logo on his torso. He has a belt with a gold buckle around his middle and carries a large silver sword.

Lego Laval Character Costume

Laval is the main character from the Legends of Chima Lego movie, launched in 2013. Laval was produced for several Lego theme parks Worldwide and was made using a combination of Pantone matched sublimation printing and applique.  The character costume is modelled upon the mini-figure.

Laval wears a sleeveless, blue tunic and golden armour with a blue Chi on his chest.  He wears a gold crown and has flame red spiked mane.  He wears a blue belt fastened by a buckle with a lion head and a kilt.


Lego Mr Gold Character Costume

Mr Gold is an extremely rare Mini figure, only 5000 were produced. He was made to celebrate the 10th series of Lego mini figures. The mini figure has a golden staff with a diamond on the top, but the character costume does not. The character costume was produced for the Legoland Windsor theme park as part of the celebrations.

Mr. Gold is almost completely golden, apart from his hands, which are white. He has a gold top hat and monocle and wears a tuxedo. He is made from a shiny gold vinyl with matte gold appliquéd details. The mini figure has a chrome finish.


Lego Orange Brick Character Costume

Orange Brick is a girly, oversized, larger than life Lego brick inanimate character costume that has been Halloween themed.  She has striped lycra arms and legs, over sized lycra character gloves, a witches hat and a trendy pair of Orange and white high top trainers which feature the Legoland Windsor logo on the sides. She is made from vinyl, and has the Lego logo stitched on to four of her six studs. The uppermost studs have been made in to character eyes, with large, spider like girly vinyl eyelashes. She has been produced for Legoland Windsor and features at the theme park for meet and greet events and the Brick or Treat event at Halloween.


Lego Pink Brick Character Costume

She is made from vinyl, and has the Lego logo stitched on to four of her six studs. The uppermost studs have been made in to character eyes, with girly vinyl eyelashes. She has been produced for Legoland Windsor and features regularly at the theme park for meet and greet events. Pink Brick is the female counterpart to Green Brick.

Lego Princess Character Costume

She has brown hair and freckles on her cheeks with bright red lips; she wears a grey bodice and skirt with red contrast and a white frill on the neckline and a clasp front. She also has a necklace with a red ruby in the centre and she carries a pink star wand.

Lego Santa Character Costume

He has since been produced for several Lego Discovery centres in Europe and is used on a yearly basis for promotions and Christmas marketing. The character costume has been adapted slightly to ensure the wearer has great vision – he has been given an open, smiling mouth whereas you can not see the character’s mouth on the mini figure. Santa wears a red fleece suit and hat, with vinyl applique detailing, and carries a fleece sack with an embroidered Lego logo.

Lego Tom Character Costume

He was produced for Lego Retail stores in Germany and was given the name “Tom”. The character costume is used for promotions and marketing events in Lego stores. He wears a Lego store employee uniform and a laminated vinyl name badge in Lego’s distinctive yellow and black colours. He has the Lego logo embroidered on his left hand side at the front and a larger logo embroidered on his back. He is made from pantone-matched fleece and appliquéd vinyl.

Lego Vampire Character Costume

He is made from black, white and burgundy fleece with embellishments and clothing definitions made from appliquéd vinyl. His face is ghostly white and he wears a black tuxedo with a white shirt, burgundy waistcoat and bowtie.

Vampire has a gold star pendent on his chest with a ruby in the centre which matches his gold button on his waistcoat and gold chain.

Lego Wyldstyle Character Costume

She has thick lashes and freckles on her cheeks; her face is made of pantone-matched dyed yellow fleece with vinyl appliquéd details.

Wildstyle wears a black velour hoodie, trousers, gloves and shoes, has an appliquéd vinyl logo down the side in pink and pale blue, and has a zip going up the front of her outfit.