Selfridges Wool Character Costume

These crazy balls of wool have been created for Selfridges Wool week, which was a very special event launched in 2010. The Campaign for Wool is a project backed by the Prince of Wales to promote the British wool industry. These two character were created especially to help promote wool, which is why they have been fashioned to look like balls of wool.

PLEASE NOTE: This specific costume is not for sale or hire. It is subject to copyright and is here for your inspiration only.


Both are made from a plastazote structure which is covered in different coloured fleece and wool. One of the characters has a green base with blue stripes; blue bobbles on his head and wearing an orange top hat with pink band. His shoes are blue with a paler blue ball of wool on top; he has pink and orange vertically striped leggings and gloves. The second character’s main body is orange with pink stripes; her bobbles are multicoloured yellow with orange stripes; pink with purple stripes; green with blue stripes and purple with pink stripes. She also has antennae coming out of the top of her head and has curly lashes; she wears yellow shoes with an orange and red ball of wool on top; she also has purple and blue horizontally striped legging and gloves.