Special Agent H Character Costume- Primal PR

Special Agent H is a very special dog who has lots of gadgets to help him investigate. He was brought to life as a costume character in 2010 for Primal PR. H has plush brown fur on his head, paws, feet and tail with a few streaks of white and black fur through his hair between his ears. This dog is very cool and wears a blue jersey jumpsuit with dark blue cuffs and outlined pockets.

PLEASE NOTE: This specific costume is not for sale or hire. It is subject to copyright and is here for your inspiration only.


Special Agent H character costume is a dog on a mission! He is shown here dressed in a blue jumpsuit, he has a red collar decorated with a black and red upside down triangle. He also has a large red belt around his middle with his Initial H in yellow on the front. His gadgets include a red watch with a yellow and silver dial, a mobile phone device and a silver torch. He has white vinyl nail details, and furry paws and of course a tail!

Our client Primal PR is interviewed here: https://www.responsesource.com/bulletin/interviews/pr-interview-with-natalie-mclean-reid-managing-director-of-primal-pr/

Dog characters don’t just need to be furry they can have an outfit, just like Agent H. Outfits are great for adding branding to as well, perfect for promotional events and walk abouts! In need more inspiration? Check out more of our man’s best friend characters here: https://costumeswithcharacter.com/product-category/dog-character-costumes/