Panto Croc

Panto Croc is a striking crocodile character with printed scales on his textured velour skin. He has great detailing that will show up really well on stage; scales on his body, and vinyl claws and spines that run all the way down his back. He was made in 2018, just in time for panto season, and has been a hit with audiences young and old!


PLEASE NOTE: This specific costume is not for sale or hire. It is subject to copyright and is here for your inspiration only.


Panto Croc has a mischievous face, and a mouth full of sparkling white teeth! Snap!Snap!

Panto Croc has an underbody which is worn under his crocodile skin to create his rounded tummy shape; which is covered in crocodile printed velour to create a textured look in person and on stage under theatre lighting. He has a darker green tone for his main body and paler green for his tummy, and palms.  Panto Croc has domed yellow eyes which give him a great 3D effect, helping to make his eyes really pop. Watch out for his cheeky grin, he’s behind you!