Nandos Barci Character Costume

Barci the Chicken is the popular mascot character for Nando’s, an international casual dining restaurant specialising in chicken recipes.  He was first brought to life as a costume character in 2011 and has since been employed to promote the brand all over the world.

PLEASE NOTE: This specific costume is not for sale or hire. It is subject to copyright and is here for your inspiration only.


Meet Barci, the famous chicken character from Nando’s restaurants logo and branding. Made using plush black fur all over his body and wings, red fur on his comb, black lycra legs and black fleece webbed feet. He has large domed eyes and a white vinyl beak, his bill is red lycra and he has a sublimation printed red heart Nando’s logo proudly on his chest. Finally his tail is lycra sublimation-dyed red with black and white spots around the edge. Read all about how we were tasked with giving Barci an overhaul here:

Barci is one of our favourite characters to work on, always managing to create a buzz when he is out and about for the brand and restaurant chain! A character costume like Barci is invaluable for your brand and company, and great for a selfie with your customers on social media!
You can find out more about Nandos and Barci by visiting :