Hygiene suit


With a hygiene suit, you can further protect the inside of your mascot costume or character costume. Or alternatively wear alongside your cosplay or costume creations.

Our Hygiene suits consist of a top, leggings and balaclava. Made from Meryl Lycra for the cool max effect; they help to wick away sweat and perspiration from the wearer. They also help to keep them cooler and protect your costume from additional wear (helping to increase time between cleans too) Ideal for wearer modesty too, between changes back stage.

The balaclava covers the wearers face and is perfect to add additional protection, doubling up as a face covering so no face mask is required.  It also ensures costume heads and neck edges are protected from make up and dirt. 

Easy to clean between wearers, just pop in the washing machine on 30c and hang up to dry. The balaclava is separate and can be worn with or without the suit if you prefer. Our meryl Lycra is available in black or white. Check out our cool max suits here, or just a balaclava you need? Take a look at our options here. 

We can help with custom printed Lycra suits, bodysuits or unders too, ideal for cosplay, additional branding or to match your costume or mascot.