AMF Squeak Mouse Character Costume


PLEASE NOTE: This specific costume is not for sale or hire. It is subject to copyright and is here for your inspiration only.


Squeak is a cute Mouse mascot character for AMF Bowling, she helps out at Children’s birthday parties and loves entertaining families who love to Bowl! Squeak is covered in a soft blonde fur with a cream fur snout and pale pink fur inner ears; she has black whiskers and a round black nose. She has a cheeky smile with two large front teeth and a red tongue; large black eyes and freckles on her snout.

Squeak wears a pale blue a-line skirt with white flowers printed on and a white lacey trim on the hem, she as a bow on top of her head in matching fabric. She has a dark blue jersey t-shirt with her name on the front and the AMF Bowling logo on the rear; she has pale blue socks and wears blue, red and white vinyl bowling style shoes.