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Planning your first mascot costume – a handy guide

Who doesn’t love a good mascot? We’ve been producing colourful, charming and cheeky characters for clients for well over 30 years and we still love them like it was our first day on the job! Thanks to our talented team, we’ve been able to bring some unique mascots to life for a variety of means.

We’re also well aware that arranging your first mascot costume can be rather daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be! Here’s a guide we’ve put together to help you with finding the right character – and costume – for you.

Where Do I Start?


You’re already on your way! Regardless, when starting out looking for someone to help bring a unique character or branded mascot to life, the best idea is to partner with someone who can mass-produce on a national scale. While you may be tempted to only look for local results, it’s important that you search far and wide for the perfect fit. While we may be based in Stockport, we’re always happy to provide mascots across the globe.

You’ll also be looking for a firm that has a long and fruitful history. One which includes the creation of popular, well-known mascots as well as bespoke projects from a minimum of designs. When searching for your first mascot manufacturer, it’s very likely you’ll want to look for someone who can create your unique idea and character from scratch to a high-quality, professional standard.

What Do I Need From My First Mascot?


While you’ll be looking for creativity and a close likeness to any designs you may put forward, it remains to be said that quality is key. You’ll be looking for comfortable, durable mascot clothing that is breathable and able to withstand any event or occasion. This also means that you’ll need an outfit that’s easy to clean and simple to get in and out of! The perfect character outfit for anyone is one which is meticulously designed, cut and sewn together – with your unique designs and the needs of the wearer kept at the heart of the process.

When paying for a perfect mascot outfit, you expect impeccable quality – in line with the above – as well as dedication to the brief. A character costume that looks the part but is uncomfortable to wear is hardly going to be an ideal result!

What Makes a Mascot Perfect?


The most memorable character costumes are ones which are visibly impressive. Designs don’t have to be complex; simplicity is key in this instance. Careful craftwork and high-quality, durable materials are both equally as important in the creation of the perfect mascot character. You not only want your design to come to life – you want your character to come to life too! With care, precision and a genuine passion for its manufacture, you’ll get a character outfit that transforms the wearer and delights the crowds!

Who Can Help?

cwc_logo_lo_resCostumes with Character has been trading since 1986. In that time we’ve helped to create some truly spectacular mascot costumes for a wide variety of clients. We’ve helped to design and build unique outfits and cheeky characters to help entertain at events, and we’ve been the approved maker for many well-known licensed characters and brands over the years.

When looking for the perfect mascot design and manufacturing firm to work with, you’ll likely expect three things; experience, precision and passion. We love what we do and we’re immensely proud of the colourful critters and marvellous mascots we’ve helped bring to life over the years. We’re also proud to be able to continue offering a dedicated and passionate design and manufacturing service to our clients through our talented team behind the scenes.

Contact Us

Whether you’re looking for a unique design to be brought to life – or if you’re a license holder and would like to introduce a well-loved character to your event, let Costumes with Character help! Call us on 0161 442 8740, email us at or request a quick quote from us. We’ll always aim to get back in touch with you within 24 hours during weekdays to discuss your ideas.

Your first mascot character deserves world-class treatment – let’s bring him or her to life for all the world to see and enjoy!

If you want additional information regarding the design of your character, head on over to our Making a Mascot Masterpiece blog for more ideas and tips on creating a successful mascot character.