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How I use my mascot

In the first of a series of mini-blogs, meet our client Joan, an NHS nurse who we worked with recently to create his larger-than-life sublimation-printed pint glass.
He’s on a fundraising mission for the Cavell Nurses’ Trust and will hopefully be breaking some Guinness World Records along the way!

We worked with him and his sponsors to create the Guinness World Record-approved costume specification. It has already been road (or should that be mountain), tested on a recent training climb up Mount Snowdon.

Cheers Joan, and good luck we can’t wait to see how you get on in London!


Joan is a very passionate nurse and is taking his fundraising challenge to the next level.

The last two years have been very hard for everybody and especially for the NHS frontline and fellow nurses like him.

During the first and second wave, Joan was redeployed to the intensive care unit (ICU). The work was often bleak, and the experience hit him hard both emotionally and physically. At the end of second wave, Joan was diagnosed with PTSD.

Initially he felt like a failure. He was ashamed to have problems with his mental health but started therapy and gradually regained his balance. With the help of the psychologist, he came to understand that mental imbalance is nothing to be ashamed of. His mental state was the result of the situation he had found himself in and many years of neglecting and not taking care of his mental health. He realised that stress and anxiety are illnesses that could affect anyone.

Since then, he has been raising mental health awareness and trying to break the surrounding taboos.

“Taking care of mental health is not a weakness – quite the opposite. The bravest thing a person can do is ask for help when they need it.”

As part of his recovery plan, Joan started to run. On the 8th  February he received an email telling him that he had a place in the  The London Marathon.

That was the goal he needed, and Joan has been training hard since. He joined his local running club and since February has lost nearly 3 stones. The most important thing is that his mental and physical health have improved significantly.

On the 3rd  October Joan not only will try to run the London Marathon, attempting to beat the Guinness World Record of the fastest marathon dressed as a pint of beer.

The best of it is that you will be able to follow his progress live on social media using #Pint4Cavell.

All you need to do to support him is by texting CHEERSNURSE to 70085. £4 will be donated to Cavell Trust.

You can sponsor him here:

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A mascot doesn’t have to cost the earth!

The UK is beginning to re-open its doors and companies are understandably budget-conscious at the moment. We want to ensure quality mascots are accessible to suit a wide range of budgets. Now, more than ever, it is so important to ensure your costume is working hard for you to promote your brand.


At CWC we produce mascots for world-famous brands, but we use the skills of the same team to make a budget-conscious mascots too. Just because it’s a budget-conscious character doesn’t mean it needs to look like one, or feel like one when you are wearing it.


Here are six ways to really get the most out of your budget:


Simplified design

In addition to our fully bespoke service, we also offer flexible solutions to work with a range of budgets. A design can be simplified to use existing CWC body shapes and reduce the number of patterns our team need to draw up, enabling us to accommodate a lower budget whilst still providing the highest quality character costume. Send your design and budget to for a quote.

Multiple outfits

Many of our customers want their characters to wear a range of different outfits so they can promote events all year round. Owing to the unique way our costumes are constructed, we make this possible in a very budget-friendly way!
Our bespoke printing service means that we can easily and cost effectively produce branded or themed outfits for your costume to help them to switch up their look. There’s no need to send your character in to us, we can simply produce your new t-shirt to match your character’s specifications and send it out to you. Our turnaround time for new outfit components is extremely short.

Two heads are better than one

Another option to keep your characters working hard all year round within a restricted budget is to buy two character heads to work with one body. This gives you the flexibility and variety to use your costume for a variety of themed events. For example, you could have a bunny that can also be a reindeer with a switch of the head, suitable for both Easter and Christmas events.

Before and after a refurbishment Hippo with tutu for Miwex, Brown Rabbit for Alibi

Accessories complete the look

Accessories can completely change the look of your characters. The addition of a bow, sash, hat, bunny ears, vampire cloak or a Santa hat can quickly help your character to fit in with your promotion.

Team up!

We’re all in this together, so why not go halves on your character? A bear with a couple of branded t-shirts could promote two separate businesses while spreading the cost.


Our refurb team are amazing and can revitalise a tired-looking character costume. They will fully clean and sanitise your costume, assess it for damage and repair it where possible, or provide a quote for replacement items. If correctly maintained, our character will look great for years. We still receive characters in for their yearly spa break that were produced when we were called Situation Clothing back in 2001. Check out our company page on LinkedIn to see a timeline of CWC.

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How a mascot can boost your revenue

Marketing really is more fun with mascots and enables you to stand out. Your target market will love the opportunity to meet and directly engage with the fun and friendly representative of your business…

A bespoke mascot costume opens up a whole range of marketing and merchandising opportunities.

Public appearances

It’s hard to ignore or walk past a large, friendly character who invokes a smile. Passers-by are more likely to engage with you and your staff when a character is present.
Costumes are a fantastic tool to encourage charitable donations. Charities we work with have informed us that donations increase threefold when the character is present.
A branded character can reinforce visual recognition of your company colours and branding, and a larger than life, fun interaction with your mascot will leave your target market with a lasting, positive impression of your business.

Left to right: Björn Bear for Flamingo Entertainment on behalf of Ikea (toy & character), Bob The Dog for Durham PNN, Buddy & Mini for Greenbank Holidays, Løven Lukas for Scenic Projects (toy & character)

Online / Social media

Featuring your costume online provides the opportunity to create some really fun, original content and increase interaction with your social media pages. This in turn increases awareness of your brand/message and enables you to reach a wider audience quickly.


People want to have tangible merchandise of the brands that they love. Who can resist a plush toy of their favourite character, that can be taken home and cuddled, or displayed in your car or office, bringing their personality and brand right into your customer’s world? They are loveable by their very nature, which is why a replica cuddly toy works so well.
Custom-branded, inexpensive items such as plush toys, key-rings, magnets, stationery and clothing provide excellent opportunities to increase your revenue and further strengthen your target customers’ brand loyalty.
A take-home item keeps your company’s branding in front of your customers’ eyes, meaning that you are always at the forefront of their mind. Furthermore, clothing or accessories that can be worn will provide free advertising for you in public, increasing recognition of your brand.
Branded merchandise can quickly become a collectible and desirable item, especially when there is a full “set” of items to collect.
Merchandise can be sold in a range of locations, including online, boosting your company’s profit.
Alternatively, if you already have a range of merchandise and need a costume to go with it, we can help!

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Planning your first mascot costume – a handy guide

Who doesn’t love a good mascot? We’ve been producing colourful, charming and cheeky characters for clients for well over 30 years and we still love them like it was our first day on the job! Thanks to our talented team, we’ve been able to bring some unique mascots to life for a variety of means.

We’re also well aware that arranging your first mascot costume can be rather daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be! Here’s a guide we’ve put together to help you with finding the right character – and costume – for you.

Where Do I Start?


You’re already on your way! Regardless, when starting out looking for someone to help bring a unique character or branded mascot to life, the best idea is to partner with someone who can mass-produce on a national scale. While you may be tempted to only look for local results, it’s important that you search far and wide for the perfect fit. While we may be based in Stockport, we’re always happy to provide mascots across the globe.

You’ll also be looking for a firm that has a long and fruitful history. One which includes the creation of popular, well-known mascots as well as bespoke projects from a minimum of designs. When searching for your first mascot manufacturer, it’s very likely you’ll want to look for someone who can create your unique idea and character from scratch to a high-quality, professional standard.

What Do I Need From My First Mascot?


While you’ll be looking for creativity and a close likeness to any designs you may put forward, it remains to be said that quality is key. You’ll be looking for comfortable, durable mascot clothing that is breathable and able to withstand any event or occasion. This also means that you’ll need an outfit that’s easy to clean and simple to get in and out of! The perfect character outfit for anyone is one which is meticulously designed, cut and sewn together – with your unique designs and the needs of the wearer kept at the heart of the process.

When paying for a perfect mascot outfit, you expect impeccable quality – in line with the above – as well as dedication to the brief. A character costume that looks the part but is uncomfortable to wear is hardly going to be an ideal result!

What Makes a Mascot Perfect?


The most memorable character costumes are ones which are visibly impressive. Designs don’t have to be complex; simplicity is key in this instance. Careful craftwork and high-quality, durable materials are both equally as important in the creation of the perfect mascot character. You not only want your design to come to life – you want your character to come to life too! With care, precision and a genuine passion for its manufacture, you’ll get a character outfit that transforms the wearer and delights the crowds!

Who Can Help?

cwc_logo_lo_resCostumes with Character has been trading since 1986. In that time we’ve helped to create some truly spectacular mascot costumes for a wide variety of clients. We’ve helped to design and build unique outfits and cheeky characters to help entertain at events, and we’ve been the approved maker for many well-known licensed characters and brands over the years.

When looking for the perfect mascot design and manufacturing firm to work with, you’ll likely expect three things; experience, precision and passion. We love what we do and we’re immensely proud of the colourful critters and marvellous mascots we’ve helped bring to life over the years. We’re also proud to be able to continue offering a dedicated and passionate design and manufacturing service to our clients through our talented team behind the scenes.

Contact Us

Whether you’re looking for a unique design to be brought to life – or if you’re a license holder and would like to introduce a well-loved character to your event, let Costumes with Character help! Call us on 0161 442 8740, email us at or request a quick quote from us. We’ll always aim to get back in touch with you within 24 hours during weekdays to discuss your ideas.

Your first mascot character deserves world-class treatment – let’s bring him or her to life for all the world to see and enjoy!

If you want additional information regarding the design of your character, head on over to our Making a Mascot Masterpiece blog for more ideas and tips on creating a successful mascot character.