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Ten reasons why your costume is in good hands

Good Hands

‘Trust me’ is a big statement. It’s a statement that shouldn’t be used without the confidence and ability to back it up, but it’s a phrase often misused by those who aren’t trustworthy.

Any Tom, Dick or Sally can sound out the words and make them believable whether they have the relevant experience or not, but can they put their product where their promise is?

Thankfully, if you’re reading this article then you have found the golden unicorn. A company that can put reasons behind why your costume is in good hands and when we say you can trust us to bring your design to life, rest assured we have the skill set and ability to do exactly that. Below you will find 10 clear reasons to let you know why we’re one of the good guys.

31 years of experience.

Established Sign31 years is a very long time. In this time, we’ve seen some pretty serious events across the globe, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the birth of the iPhone and Brexit it’s been some ride, but thankfully we are still here and we’re not getting off any time soon. Since our inception in 1986 (as Situation Clothing), we have encountered thousands of different costumes and clients, each bringing its own valuable experience and lessons to learn for the next costume challenge ahead. Time however stops for no man, and as techniques change and costumes become more ambitious, we continue to learn and grow. Albert Einstein said it best when he said ‘The only source of knowledge is experience.’

Our costumes are truly hand-made.

What we feel is one of the most important aspects of design, and one that sets us apart from the rest, is that our fabulous costumes are all fabricated by hand in our dedicated studio. We have the skills and know-how to bring your designs to life. Our hand-made costumes come with bags of character, patterned and crafted in-house by our skilled makers, with the added luxury of being fully customisable throughout the process, giving you the opportunity of total control over your costume.

Only the best materials will do.

We work with some of the best fabric and foam suppliers to ensure we have Furthe highest quality materials available to us. Whether it be fleece, foam or lycra, we’ll source the best samples to ensure our costumes not only look good but have the quality to make them last. We also work very closely with the UK’s largest remaining Fur manufacturer allowing us to customise our orders, giving us lots of control over the final product. Be it Pantone matched, short or long pile, the possibilities are extensive. What sets us apart from the rest is that regardless of budget, the quality of our materials stay the same.

Dedicated, built for purpose premises.

We are very lucky to have a fantastic studio that has been purpose built for our profession. We have dedicated areas for all aspects of our services, including a dedicated and spacious drying room and refurb area, well ventilated spray and glue rooms, printing rooms, a cosy meeting room, photography studio and a large production workroom space with pattern, cutting, props and sewing all working closely together. Because our premises are fit for purpose, your costume can receive the attention it deserves in the right environment for the job.

In-house design team.

character Design ExampleWe have a wealth of experience in creating brand ambassadors for clients right across the globe. Our in-house design and illustrations team have helped to create some fantastic characters of all shapes and sizes, designed in a way that can be replicated in costume form whilst managing the clients’ expectations of how the character costume will look. Too much detail, complex shading or complicated shapes make it very difficult to replicate in real-life so you can be sure the design you receive from us will be very close to what you get with the end product. Any additional graphics or detailing on costumes is no problem thanks to the skills of our fantastic team.

An extensive library of shapes.

refurb washing machine cow Over the years, we have created some fantastic character heads. When we create something truly brilliant, or a client requires a shape repeating for a multiple character, we have our hand-made originals turned into vac forming tools. For those who don’t know, vac forming is the process of heating ABS (or other) plastic until it is soft, then using suction to mould it around a solid shape (tool), allowing it to cool hard before use. ABS is a lightweight and durable plastic that is perfect for creating strong character heads and allows us to rivet additional support and further accessories into place. Our preferred method for creating character heads, these ABS moulds cover all the most common shapes, allowing us to quickly re-create a high-quality base from which to work from. As we have over 30 years of costume making history, you can imagine that our library has grown into something quite extensive…

Dedicated refurbishment team.

Not only can we make your fantastic design a reality, but we can also keep it looking as good as the day it was brought to life with our in-house dedicated refurbishment team. Thousands of costumes and years of experience in this department make us the best choice for refurbishment of your brand ambassador. Why trust an inexperienced dry cleaner with your expensive character costume when there is a team of knowledgable professionals who know exactly the best way to wash, dry and repair your rotten rabbit, pongy panda, or dirty dog (you get the idea).

Repeatable characters.

We guarantee that all the characters we have brought to life can be repeated if necessary. It’s just good practice to ensure that all the fabric details are recorded accurately, the patterns are stored away and any additional costume information is kept in a safe and secure place for the future. Sometimes we get customers who want a new version of their 10 + year-old character. If we have made it then that’s no problem. We’ll be able to replicate the costume as we will have the original details filed away, saving you (and us) time and money whilst maintaining the high standards of the original costume. This is one of the reasons why all the UK’s major holiday parks choose us to make their mascots.

After-sales support for the lifetime of your character.

We know that our journey together doesn’t stop once your costume has left our building. In fact, it’s just the beginning of a fantastic new adventure for you and your team. Who knows where your character will take you over the next few years but if there’s anything you need, we’re here to help. It doesn’t matter if you bought your costume from us yesterday or 10 years ago, we will try our best to guide you with advice, instruction and tips and tricks on maintaining and performing in your character.

Repeat custom.

At the end of the day, the proof is in the PADDING (mascot-related joke for you there). We have some amazing clients that come back to us year after year because they are happy with the quality, service and support they receive from us. We simply love what we do and we try and put that into every aspect of the job. Be it sales office, production floor or mascot performance, you can be sure that we’re giving it 110% because we’re mad about mascots.

If you want to have a look at some of the fabulous costumes we’ve created over the years, head on over to our costume gallery pages to get inspired for your very own amazing Mascot!