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Five reasons to refurbish your costumed character

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Time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it? Once again, another year has passed and after many, many shows, meet and greets and mascot-related excursions later, I can imagine your costumes are all starting to get a little, well let’s just say a little whiffy…

Whether it be used by one or by many people, there’s no denying these costumes can get hot and sweaty. Literally within the first few minutes of putting one on, the heat takes its toll and the unfaltering stream of sweat begins, coating you and the costume surrounding you with its moist residue and fragrant aroma. Also worth a mention are the countless drinks spilt, nay poured all over your mascot during the excitement of a character visit or the sticky hands from excitable children all pulling your character in various directions to play with this toy, or to join in a game of hide and seek for example. Opportunities for your brand ambassador to get a little grubby are more often than not so it makes sense to give it a little TLC from time to time.
With that in mind, here’s our top 5 reasons to refurbish your character:


Bacteria from sweat and other fluids can build up, causing your costume to perish and smell worse than a pair of well-worn socks. If your character gets wet, material that isn’t aired and dried properly can get that old towel smell which permeates the nostrils and leaves the smell hanging in there for hours to come. Not only will your reluctant wearers notice, but so too will members of the public who are interacting with your character. You’ll soon notice the hi-fives and hugs drop off from your pongy personality unless you keep it fresh and regularly washed.


With limited visibility, safety is paramount when performing in a costumed character. Steps have to be taken to ensure the safe keeping of the wearer and the surrounding environment. Loose foot straps, broken vision holes and faulty chin straps can be dangerous if not dealt with sooner rather than later, potentially causing injury to you, your employee or even worse…a child. When your character arrives back with us, we’ll check all fittings and fixtures to ensure they’re as solid as the day they were installed, ensuring the safety of your wearer and those around them.


Well-kept, regularly maintained and clean costumes are much more comfortable to wear than tatty pieces of fur that have been left scrunched in a corner, only to be peeled off the floor for the next wearer to begrudgingly put on. A regular refurb and a little care ensures your character will be as comfortable one day to the next, increasing performance time and the general enthusiasm of wearers for the role.


Regular maintenance of your costumes will keep your character in full working order for many years to come. Regular wear and tear on a character happens, it’s inevitable so ensure your character gets a chance to shine for years to come by keeping it repaired and refurbished regularly. We’ve got characters that still look as good today as they did when they were made over 10 years ago. Their secret? It’s simple. Regular refurbishments. Think of it as a car. Neglect it and after a few years your car is likely to fail its MOT. Keep it maintained and you’ll get years of happy motoring. This principle applies to mascots too… except the motoring, you can’t drive a mascot. There’s no engine silly…

Aesthetics/character refresh

Refurb time is also a great opportunity to look at your character and get some bits replaced, improved or completely refreshed. Your logo may have changed, or it’s missing an eye. You don’t want your mascot to be the ugly duckling and neither do we. We can offer you a full character refresh service, improving and updating any of the parts your feel are old or broken above and beyond our normal service. Additional charges may apply, but we’ll check everything with you before giving your mascot the full makeover it deserves.

Rabbit SaunaSo as you can see, there are many reasons why you should keep your characters looking (and smelling) tip top. Spending a little each year on the upkeep of your character is cost effective in the long term, meaning that you have to replace the suit less often, which in some cases can cost thousands of pounds, and generally improves the overall working environment for wearers and employees.

If you feel your brand ambassador could do with a good scrub, then why not book your character in with us today? We’ll give it the pampering it deserves!

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