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The top five mascot accessories

Naked Bear

Here at CWC, we regularly see mascots walk out of the door naked, (sometimes physically, not just metaphorically) which is fine and if that is what a client wants, then that is what a client will get, and they always look amazing (obviously) regardless of attire.

However, adding mascot accessories can really open up additional opportunities and will allow you to fully maximise the use of your furry friend and in turn increase your brand awareness out amongst the public. It can also freshen up an already established costume character, giving them a new personality or a fresh promotional purpose.

In this article, I will give you a couple of suggestions that will hopefully get you thinking about what else you can add to your mascot to get the most out of it:

1. Christmas hat

A ChristmaFestive bear Christmas hats hat is a great way to inject some seasonal fun into your furry friend. Whether it be a bear, dog, rabbit, cat, alien or anything else, your character will benefit from having a change of accessories to correspond with the season.

Don’t just limit yourself to Christmas, there are many other festive holidays through the year that you can accessorise for, such as Easter. Perhaps a lovely Easter bonnet? Thinking more about Halloween? A witch’s hat or a pair of devil horns always goes down well at this time of year. Want your bear to help celebrate Hanukah? Add a Kippah, the possibilities are endless.
Top hat Bear

Adding something as simple as a hat can really breathe new life into your costume and keep it relevant all through the year.

2. Alternative branded t-Shirts

Does your company or character perform at different events throughout the year? Instead of T-Shirt design 1having one branded t-shirt (which is a popular choice for many creations), why not refresh it to correspond to each event?

T-shirts are a fantastic way of breathing new life into your company mascot and a great way for your business to advertise specific information to the masses, or update a company logo.

You can choose different colours, sizes and shapes of shirt, you can have it printed on or a vinyl sticker created it’s up to you. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination so think of the shirt as a blank canvas and build your idea around existing information or a completely new design that you like.

3. Gender-specific clothing

Bear in dressHere’s an idea… Turn your boy bear into a girl bear with a lovely pink dress.

A large portion of mascots are typically gender neutral, unless otherwise specified by the client. We make boy mascots and girl mascots in both humanoid and animal form that can be easily distinguished, but for the most part a cuddly character can be either male or female depending on what you accessorise them with.
Bear Hoodie

A second set of clothes can make your mascot much more flexible, effectively allowing you to have two mascots for the price of one. This is especially useful for entertainers who can tailor their costumes to a specific event. For example, a princess party may require a character in a pink tutu, but a superhero party may require capes and masks to appear more macho.

A change of outfit is the most cost effective way to cater to both of these needs.

4. Different heads with different expressions

SnowFace 1As we are going down the list, the ideas for your mascot accessories are becoming more complex and will require additional thought. However, adding an additional head to your mascot is still a great alternative to creating a full new version of your old Costume.

There are many advantages to having different heads for your hairy headliner, and in a similar way to SnowFace 2changing the t-shirt, it can give a fresh new look to a range of different situations. Expressions and hairstyles are two that instantly come to mind when choosing a head style.

Sometimes a character should be cheeky, or at times the character could be happy, or sad or any other emotion that brings about a change in facial appearance. They could have long hair, short hair, dyed hair or anything but the idea that this is the only expression and hair style your character will have can sometimes make the final approval of a design a daunting task.
SnowFace 3

Why not save on the stress and think about budgeting for a variety of different heads that are suitable across a range of engagements? In this case, two heads really are better than one….

5. The ultimate mascot accessory

Now we come to the last point in this brief list and to, in my opinion, the ultimate Lollo and BernieCostume character accessory. The world is awash with popular duos, ever since the days of Laurel and Hardy and the creation of superheroes, there has always been a sidekick.

Even Batman, the most solitary of superheroes had a Robin…. So why not make your character a sidekick or partner to perform with?

The crowning jewel of all mascot accessories, this route has become increasinSparky and Sparklegly popular across the globe. The trend for a second mascot to join the team has been more apparent, especially in the world of sports, with many of the UK’s top football teams now having a male and female mascot to entertain the crowds.

A double act opens up endless possibilities when it comes to audience interaction. A duo can cause double the mischief, ham it up with slapstick and get round a meet and greet much faster than a single character on their own.

It also opens up scope for additional marketing, creating stories around your characters and using them as a means to portray a message to the masses through an acted sequence or short animation on a website for example.

So now you have our top five list of mascot accessories it should have given you some food for thought and will certainly open up a world of possibilities for you and your brand.

Be it hats, clothes, promotional items, heads or full characters, think about ways to get more out of your mascot, increasing shelf life and keeping it current for many years to come.

If all of this has caused you a conundrum and you don’t know if it’s right for your particular character, then give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help. Our team can advise and offer you an experienced and honest opinion.

After all, we have been making mascots for over 30 years…

Head on over to our costumes page to get some ideas of how you can accessorise your costumed character.